7 Ways to Enjoy the Halloween Magic this Year

Halloween is the ultimate kid’s holiday. Truly… what could be better than dressing up in costumes, eating yummy treats and spooking your family?  Even the adults can get into the playfulness and magic of Halloween as we find the more playful aspects of ourselves.  This year, however, has many of us feeling melancholy. How can we provide a joyful Halloween to our children when things look so different this year? Never fear- Slumberkins is here! (cue superhero outfit). We aren’t ready to give up on the fun just yet! Our kids need us and finding joy around this holiday, doesn’t have to drain us of all our energy. While things may look different for Halloween this year for many of you, we have some ideas of how to spark magic and joy in some simple ways. Dig into old traditions and come up with some new ones as we find ways to enjoy each other’s company and tap into some good ‘ol Halloween magic.

 Here are 7 ways to Enjoy the Halloween Magic this year:

  1. Start a New Tradition

Traditions help children feel supported and comforted, knowing what they can expect from upcoming events. Try starting a new tradition this year like a scavenger hunt. This is something that you could continue to do and modify as children get older.

  1. Resurrect an Old Tradition

As a kid, did you ever make tissue paper ghosts, or paper bag lanterns for Halloween? Any other crafts or ideas ring a bell? If you can think of something that you used to do as a kid - share it with your own family. Kids LOVE hearing about what we did as kids.   

  1. Festive Decorations

We don’t know about you, but our kids LOVE decorations, and LOVE being a part of the decorating. These don’t have to be Pinterest-perfect or expensive- let your kids join in the fun. Changing our environments is a cue to us that something is different or special. These special markers of time are important for children to mark the passage of time and feel a sense of rhythm to their year.

  1. Zoom party

We’ve seen lots of cool costume party ideas occur on zoom lately. Maybe you could set up a zoom costume party with friends or family. Include some zoom-friendly games or activities as well. Scavenger hunts work well online, as everyone can search for things in their own homes and come back to the screen to show each other.

  1. Creative Costumes

We cannot wait to see the creativity in costumes this year! Halloween is often a time we can embrace our biggest fears with a sense of humor and celebrate the things we admire. We are already seeing creative ideas pop-up online for how families are planning their costumes to allow for masks and social distancing. Let that creativity go wild!

  1. Kid-directed Photo Shoot

How many times do you make your family stop and smile for a photo. What if this Halloween, you let your kid be the director? Even little ones like to get in on the fun of taking a photo. Decorate a wall in your home with paper bats or pumpkins (or anything else for that matter) and let your kids snap the photos. When you are tired of being the subject of the photo, let them snap photos of their stuffed animals in costumes (cue cuddly Kins here!).

  1. Welcome all Feelings

The most important tip we have for you is to welcome all of your child’s feelings about Halloween this year. They may still be disappointed about things being different. That’s okay. They also may be pumped about the new plan this year. Allow space for all of these feelings, without trying to change them. Welcoming these feelings can have the side-effect of actually being able to move through them with more ease.

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