Slumberkins Presents: Creature Feature

Slumberkins Presents: Creature Feature

We’re rolling out the red carpet in celebration of the Slumberkins Creature Feature. Over the next two weeks, you and your little one will have backstage access to learn more about our star-studded Slumberkins lineup. We’ll shine a spotlight on a different creature every day, giving each one its well-deserved 24 hours of fame. And as VIPs, you’ll get 30% off each A-lister’s collection when they take center stage for their special days! All creature collections will be 15% off throughout the Creature Feature event and will come with a special award you can present to your little one. Creature Feature Sale does not include the Slumberkins Activity Coloring Book, Book Sets, or Braided Basket. 

Continue reading for details on how to win a $100 store credit. 

Meet Our Star-Studded Line Up
We’ll be honoring our cast of creatures in the following order:

Bigfoot Headshot
Monday, June 3rd: Bigfoot
Little Bigfoot is an adventurous creature with a big heart. Aside from his dad, he’s never met anyone like him in the remote forest where he lives. This makes him feel a little insecure sometimes. To learn more about this kind-hearted creature’s journey to self-love and better self-esteem, read his story: [continue reading]
Hammerhead's Headshot

Tuesday, June 4th: Hammerhead
As one of 19 kids, rough and tumble Hammerhead has a lot of brothers and sisters to compete with for attention. Sometimes he makes himself loud and boisterous so he doesn’t get left behind. Energetic and competitive, Hammerhead struggles to make friends outside of his siblings. Read his story to learn more: [continue reading]

Alpaca's Headshot
Wednesday, June 5th: Alpaca
Selfless and centered, Alpaca helps others by holding their worries for them. All alpacas do, including his grandparents with whom he lives in the mountains. Alpaca offers a calming presence and a knack for putting others at ease. To learn more about this gentle and intentional creature, read his story: [continue reading]
Fox's Headshot
Thursday, June 6th: Fox
Street-smart Fox splits his time living with his mom during the week and his dad on the weekends. Sometimes he acts out and feels angry, but it’s only because transitions in his home life have left him a little confused. Read Fox’s story to learn more about how this sensitive creature navigates his changing family: [continue reading]
Narwhal's Headshot
Friday, June 7th: Narwhal
Narwhal is a high-achieving only child with two loving parents. Highly involved in their child’s life, Narwhal’s parents encourage him to explore whatever activities he wants to pursue. Narwhal doesn’t always understand that he has a more privileged life than others. To learn more about this naive and kind-hearted creature, read his story: 
[continue reading]
Sprite's Headshot
Saturday, June 8th: Sprite
When someone special leaves this world, sprites appear to offer comfort to those who miss them. Sprites represent the love and memories we hold dear that keep the people we’ve lost alive in our hearts. Read Sprite’s story to learn more about how this magical creature helps others cope with loss: [continue reading]
Hartley's Headshot
Sunday, June 9th: Hartley
Hartley is a sweet creature with a unique family. His family is not related to him by blood, but they make him feel safe and loved. When he’s feeling sad and scared, they remind him that families are connected by the love they share. Read Hartley’s story to learn more about this caring creature: [continue reading]
Sloth's Headshot
Monday, June 10th: Slumber Sloth
Shy Slumber Sloth struggles with insomnia. Sometimes he is so tired during the day that he falls asleep in the middle of conversations. He doesn’t like feeling slow and lethargic when he’s hanging out with his friends. To learn more about how Sloth uses muscle relaxation to get better sleep at night, read his story: [continue reading]
Unicorn's Headshot
Tuesday, June 11th: Unicorn
Magical Unicorn has never seen another creature like herself. Her parents tell her she is special and should embrace her individuality, but sometimes she can’t help but feel out of place. Read Unicorn’s story to learn more about how this one-of-a-kind creature finds the courage to be herself: [continue reading]
Yeti's Headshot
Wednesday, June 12th: Yeti
Yeti is an only child who feels lonely sometimes. She wishes there were more kids for her to play within the isolated mountains where she lives with her parents. With her short attention span, Yeti is most happy when she has lots of activities to keep her busy. To learn more about this sweet-natured and energetic creature, read her story:
[continue reading]

Now that you know a little bit more about all our creatures tell us which is your favorite in the comments below. Three lucky customers will be selected to win $100 shop credit. Winners will be announced by Sunday at 12:00 pm PST.


Our Winners have been selected.

 Kathryn Shemonski, Kayla Sarago, Arianna Vincent


  • Kaycee Sanborn

    Favs are bigfoot and hammerhead they have helped my kids so much. My daughter needed self esteem boost and son needed help controlling anger. This has been amazing improvement since we got the books

  • Kaycee Sanborn

    Favs are bigfoot and hammerhead they have helped my kids so much. My daughter needed self esteem boost and son needed help controlling anger. This has been amazing improvement since we got the books

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