Feelings Feature: We are in this together.

Our world has changed drastically in the past month. We are all striving to embrace a new normal, to set a new routine, to learn and work in a new way. But what we will recall when we look back at this moment in time will not be how well we taught, how much work we did, how quickly we adapted. We will remember the moments spent with our tribe, those chosen few still in our everyday life when the rest of the world shut down around us. We will remember this time by the feelings that we hold onto the strongest. For the little ones in our lives feeling most the stress, the change, the uncertainty, we encourage you to help name those feelings, to welcome them and to talk through what they mean and how to take care of them. Once these feelings are understood, together you can move toward gratitude, can practice mindfulness, and can embrace emotional well-being.

11 days. 11 creatures. A world of feelings. 
Our mission at Slumberkins is to support families in raising resilient, caring, and confident children. In an effort to support the community in doing just that, for 11 days starting on April 20th, we will be featuring a different creature collection each day at a 30% discount, with all other collections at 15% off. Each creature will be featured on their day from 7:00 am PT to 6:59 am PT the following day. 


Need a Reminder?

We've made it easy!

Add “30” to the end of the creature name (ex. BIGFOOT10, THEFEELS30) and text it to 29071 for an SMS reminder the day they are 30% off. 
Text “ALL30” to receive notifications for every creature! 

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  • Annabelle Zapien

    I am interested in your feelings promo. It is hard for me to afford them.

  • William Mosholder

    Good luck everyone I hope everyone gets one to get a hug from. Mary Jacobs, Belinda Wilson, Carrie Ann Garrison

  • Ellen White

    We are so looking forward to the feels! Tempted to get narwhal or hammerhead to!

  • Teena Craff

    We are looking forward to Bigfoot and comfort with alpaca!

  • Kate Barry (@katesclan)

    We have been Slumerfans for a while now. My 3rd baby is from a 2nd relationship. After a heartbreaking end to my my first marriage my two big kids (only very little at the time) and I spent 6 years navigating the world alone (together) Little miss Maisey (number 3) was very lucky to have Slumberkins around for her journey and the bigger kids have very much benefit too from the stories and understanding their feelings as pre and young teens. I am looking forward to the unique story of unicorn as the 3 of them are equally unique and very loved and they all make up a part of our little jigsaw family. Thank you Slumberkins again for everything you do and for providing these amazing resources for parents (and beautiful toys) We love you even from way down here in New Zealand 🥰

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