Breezy Hammerhead Kin
Breezy Hammerhead Kin
Breezy Hammerhead Kin
Breezy Hammerhead Kin
Breezy Hammerhead Kin
Breezy Hammerhead Kin
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Limited Edition

Breezy Hammerhead Kin

Promotes: Conflict Resolution

All children experience big emotions that can get the best of them in social situations. Hammerhead teaches them how to take a breath when they’re mad, calm down, and make it right.

The Confidence Crew is off on another adventure! This Limited Edition Kin, board book, and affirmation help reinforce children’s belief in their ability to face any new challenge when they’re a part of a team, empowering them to try new things, master new skills, and build strong relationships with their friends and family.

What's Included

The Kin

Perfect for play and hugs, with stuffed arms and legs that 3+ little ones can grab onto

The Board Book

About the size of an adult hand from fingertip to the bottom of your palm

The Affirmation Card

A daily affirmation for your child to practice and carry with them wherever they go


  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind
  • Kins measure 6" W x 14" L
  • Soft and silky fur, perfect for smooshy hugs
  • Stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill
  • 100% Polyester material
  • Board Book (measures 
5" W x 7" L) & Affirmation Card 
  • See the size chart for a complete list of sizes for all of our products
“This story delivers such positivity to my child! Hammerhead is our first Slumberkins and definitely won’t be the last!”

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