The Feels Educator Curriculum (Digital Download)
The Feels Educator Curriculum (Digital Download)
The Feels Educator Curriculum (Digital Download)
The Feels Educator Curriculum (Digital Download)

The Feels Educator Curriculum (Digital Download)

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Created to support and address children's social-emotional skills, The Feels Educators’ Edition helps students learn how to identify 5 major emotional states as well as strategies for taking care of their feelings. With time, practicing the skills offered in The Feels encourages collaboration instead of combativeness with emotions, teaching children to listen without judgment to what our feelings have to say so we can decide the best course of action to take. This curriculum will support students with emotion identification, emotional regulation, Mindfulness, and Collaborative Problem Solving.

The Feels Curriculum:Features a total of 7 lessons with extended activities that can be used in a whole classroom, small group, or individual instructional setting.

  • Lesson 1- The initial lesson strives to support children in identifying their emotions and understanding why they happen.
  • Lesson 2- Students learn to identify SCARED and learn strategies for taking care of scared.
  • Lesson 3- Students learn to identify MAD and learn strategies for taking care of mad.
  • Lesson 4- Students learn to identify SAD and learn strategies for taking care of sad.
  • Lesson 5- Students learn to identify WORRIED and how to befriend their own thorough cognitive/thought techniques.
  • Lesson 6- Students learn to identify CALM and how taking care of their FEELS helps them to be in control and make choices they want.
  • Lesson 7- Reflection - Compile learning into a book that can be used as an ongoing resource for students in class or at home.

Common Core Standards:RL.1.3, RL.2.3

Subjects:School Counseling, Character Education, Special Education, Reading, Life Skills

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The Educator Curriculum Includes: Digital Download


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The Feels

Join Yeti on a journey of self-discovery as she meets her feelings and learns how to take care of each one.
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