Valentine's Collection

We each have different ways we show and receive love, and this season, we're celebrating all of them.

Connected Heart to Heart

Valentine's Collection

$ 5.00

The love in our hearts bonds us to those in our lives to create our heart family. Keep connected with your heart families by sending a Connection Heart to those you miss! Practice speaking the affirmation with your little ones over video calls with the loved one who has the other heart, or by writing letter and sending messages. 

How it works:

  • Address your gift note to a heart family member and sign your name.
  • Put the gift note and one of the Connection Hearts in the shipping envelope.
  • Apply postage and send in the mail to the person you’ve been missing.
  • Keep connected to your heart family by saying this affirmation, holding your Connection Heart, and knowing they will always be with you.

Showing Care, Receiving Love

Communicating how we prefer to be loved is a key part of a child's emotional development. Discover free resources that support your child in learning and expressing what makes them feel loved.