We're mothers and educators on a mission to promote positive life skills in the next generation, one cuddle at a time.


 Kelly and Callie of Slumberkins


We're Better Together

Slumberkins founders Callie Christensen and Kelly Oriard have a friendship that mirrors a sisterhood. Best friends since high school, they've been by each other's side through college, time overseas playing professional sports, and eventually starting their families around the same time.

Both choosing a career in education, they even pursued their Master's degrees together. Kelly earned a dual Master's in Family and Marriage Therapy and School Counseling, while Callie earned her Master's in Elementary Education with an endorsement in special education. They are both passionate about teaching children the social emotional skills they need to succeed throughout life, whether through their time in the schools or by creating Slumberkins as a tool for children and parents.

Slumberkins was founded as a creative collaboration between Callie and Kelly in 2015, while they were both on maternity leave together. They knew they could use their education and background to create a more meaningful children's product unlike anything on the market.  By infusing each Slumberkins with therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises through the accompanying Sleepytime Rhymes, the brand was launched with the intention of helping children everywhere. 

With six children between them, Callie and Kelly's experience as mothers has also played a major role in shaping Slumberkins into what it is today. Many of the creatures were inspired by their own children, or their experiences themselves as little ones. Their commitment to helping children navigate challenges is at the heart of the brand, with each Slumberkin teaching concepts like positivity, inclusion and self-worth.


Kelly Oriard

Kelly has a dual Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and School Counseling and has worked as a school counselor and family therapist at a K-8 school in Portland, OR. She has a passion for traveling the world. She speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, German, and American Sign Language. Kelly found a perfect partner in her husband Colin, who also has a passion for travel and learning languages. They both lived abroad and played professional sports in Europe after earning their bachelor degrees. Together, they are raising their two sons, Aidan and Oliver, to be bilingual in Spanish and English in the Pacific Northwest. 


Callie Christensen

Callie has a Masters in Teaching with endorsements in Elementary Education and Special Education and worked as a special education teacher in a therapeutic Day Treatment school, as well as in an elementary school in the Pacific Northwest. Her passion lies in working with children and youth who experience behavior challenges or difficulties and supporting them in problem-solving, communication, and self-advocacy. Callie's husband is a United States Veteran who served as an Army Ranger. Together, they have four children: Logan, Henry, Owen, and Cora.