Relaxation Set
Relaxation Set
Relaxation Set
Relaxation Set
Relaxation Set
Relaxation Set

Relaxation Set

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Promoting peaceful slumber, The Relaxation Set includes our limited edition Slumber Sloth Stuffie, Hazel Slumber Sloth Snuggler, and the Slumberkins Slumber Sloth Boardbook, using progressive muscle relaxation as a therapeutic technique to relax the body and mind, sure to get any little sweet pea off to dreamland…

The Relaxation Set Promotes:
  • Relaxation/ Sleep
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Anxiety Management

The Relaxation Set includes a Limited Edition Slumber Sloth Stuffie, a Hazel Slumber Sloth Snuggler, the Slumber Sloth fully illustrated board book, plus a keepsake relaxation affirmation card. 

Product Details:

  • Slumber Sloth Stuffie is made from the softest ultra-plush fabric, with a soft fur face, and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.
  • The Slumber Sloth Snuggler is made from the most silky fabric, with a soft fur face. 
  • Made from 100% Polyester Material.
    • Our Slumber Sloth Snuggler measures 14 inches long and 9 inches wide.
    • Our Slumber Sloth Stuffie measures 16 inches long from head to toe. 
    • We intentionally designed our Slumberkins without any small, detachable plastic pieces.

    For more information, and to see our FAQ's, click here.

    To preview Slumber Sloth's story and download a free PDF, click HERE.

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    Relaxation Set

    The Relaxation Set provides parents and caregivers with a resource to create loving routines that deepen their bond with their little one while teaching the valuable skill of relaxation. Learn More About Slumber Sloth +