Repair Bear Snuggler Single
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Repair Bear Snuggler Single
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Repair Bear Snuggler Single

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Promotes: Connection, Healthy Relationships, Resolving Conflicts

In celebration of Slumberkins 6th birthday, we are bringing you a very special creature in a limited run. Repair Bear was modeled after one of our early pandas. The ears are intentionally asymmetrical as a true throwback to the early days of handmade Slumberkins.

Repair Bear teaches all of us that even when our feelings get big, we can take a deep breath and reconnect with those we love. With lopsided ears, an adorably imperfect tummy patch, and a sweet face that’s full of kindness and love, Repair Bear is a great gift for any of the little ones in your life. This special limited-edition snuggler comes with its own affirmation with a small story on the back to offer a loving reminder of these important relationship-building skills. Don’t miss your chance to add Repair Bear to your Slumberkins collection!

What's Included:

  • Repair Bear Snuggler
  • Special Repair Bear Affirmation/Story


  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind
  • Snugglers measure 16" L (including ears) and 9" W at the feet
  • Soft and silky fur, perfect for smooshy hugs
  • Stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill
  • 100% Polyester material
  • Specialty story/affirmation card
  • See the size chart for a complete list of sizes for all of our products

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