SEL Curriculum Complete Set and Books
SEL Curriculum Complete Set and Books

SEL Curriculum Complete Set and Books

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Share the transformative impact of social-emotional learning with your students. The SEL Curriculum Complete Set and Books includes all of our unit plans and big books to help you create a strong foundation for students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. You will receive all of our current unit plans covering Routines, Building Connections, Self-Esteem, Conflict Resolution, Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Growth Mindset. You will also have access to additional unit plans in your Slumberkins account as they release.

This set includes:

- Slumberkins Big Book Library 
- 14 Unit Plans (Digital Download)

  • Routines with Sloth
  • Building Connections with Otter
  • Conflict Resolution with Hammerhead
  • Self-Esteem with Bigfoot
  • Gratitude with Honey Bear
  • Mindfulness with Yeti
  • Growth Mindset with Narwhal
  • Emotional Courage with Ibex
  • Authenticity with Unicorn 
  • Self-Acceptance with Yak 
  • Grief and Loss with Sprite (Pre-Order)
  • Self-Esteem with Alpaca (Pre-Order)
  • Self-Expression with Lynx (Pre-Order)
  • Changes with Fox (Pre-Order)

**NOTE: Pre-ordered Unit Plans will add to your Slumberkins account as they are released. Expected release dates 2021/2022