Encouraging Emotional Growth

Slumberkins is dedicated to helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children through affirmations, stories and creature characters.

Support Big Feelings

Big, new feelings and life changes can be overwhelming for a child. Whatever their need is, our books, creatures, and affirmations can help them sort through these big feelings and learn to process them in a positive way.

Power Up Through Play


Help children harness their social superpowers and build healthy relationships with Camp! In 4+ weeks of activities they'll learn to set boundaries, ask for help, show kindness, and the power of play.

Slumberkins Helps Children Thrive

We are committed to helping all children build social-emotional skills. By emphasizing positivity, connection, and authenticity, Slumberkins supports a strong foundation for lifelong emotional wellness.


Reading is fundamental. Doing so with intention is even better.

  • Bond with your child
  • Teach new skills
  • Instill positive messages

Kins & Snugglers

Our Kins, Snugglers, & Minis bring learning to life.

  • Provides security and comfort
  • Supports emotional regulation
  • Inspires imagination

Daily Affirmations

Practicing compassion promotes a positive inner voice.

  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • Establish healthy thoughts
  • Soothe worry and anxiety

Slumberkins Book Club


Four skill-building board books, four times a year⁠—delivered right to your door. Discover a new way to help your child build positive life skills.

The Curriculum Hub


Everything you need to teach transformative lessons, all in one place. Subscribe to access the complete Slumberkins SEL Curriculum, plus additional content and resources.

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