Encouraging Emotional Growth

Slumberkins is dedicated to helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children through affirmations, stories and creature characters.

Thinking of You!


Our new collection is giving us butterflies! Shop our Valentine's Day collection, full of sweet and skill-building lessons on gratitude, empathy, and creativity.

Feel Close When You're Far Apart

Building Connections

Separation can bring on a range of feelings for children and their families. When we can't physically be with the ones we love, Otter reminds us we are always connected in our hearts.

Slumberkins Helps Children Thrive

We are committed to helping all children build social-emotional skills. By emphasizing positivity, connection, and authenticity, Slumberkins supports a strong foundation for lifelong emotional wellness.


Reading is fundamental. Doing so with intention is even better.

  • Bond with your child
  • Teach new skills
  • Instill positive messages

Kins & Snugglers

Our Kins, Snugglers, & Minis bring learning to life.

  • Provides security and comfort
  • Supports emotional regulation
  • Inspires imagination

Daily Affirmations

Practicing compassion promotes a positive inner voice.

  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • Establish healthy thoughts
  • Soothe worry and anxiety

Together We Shine

Join us as we create a future world with more joy, more expression, and more connection.

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