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Helping Students Belong—Not Just “Fit In”

Kindergarteners are fibbing about coloring on their desks…second graders are changing their favorite TV show based on their friends…and teachers are joining the Friday happy hour, knowing they’re exhausted. The common denominator here? We’re all trying to fit in. This...

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Why Kids Bully and What To Do About It

We’ve all heard by now that bullying is an epidemic in schools due to its pervasiveness and catastrophic impact on students. We can see signs of aggressiveness towards peers starting as early as preschool. These signs can predict later issues...

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The Truth About Self-Care

Take a break, read a book, drink some tea, use essential oils or draw a bath! As educators, we have heard it all, frequently bombarded with suggestions and impractical adages. You deserve it. Put yourself first. You can't pour from...

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School's out for Summer!

The countdown is on! Summer is just around the corner, and the anticipation is palpable in classrooms. But let’s face it, even with the excitement about summer break, change can be challenging for young learners. The ambiguity surrounding an unfamiliar...

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SEL-ebrating Earth Day with Honey Bear

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to nurture a student’s innate curiosity about the world; moreover, an opportunity to plant social-emotional seeds around belonging, gratitude, and responsibility. A part of our role as educators is to support students' understanding of...

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