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NEW Flip-Out Hammerhead

Emotional Regulation Set

Hammerhead is “flipping out” this summer while practicing (and teaching you) his Tools to Cool! This set helps kids understand and navigate big feelings and provides specific tools to help children calm down and navigateConflict Resolution.

Back to School Tools

Calm, Cool, & Ready for School

You have your list of typical school supplies — pencils, binders, and notebooks. You probably didn't get a list to help your child prepare for the new school year, emotionally. Teachers say that one of the most important aspects of school preparedness is being able to communicate needs, wants, and thoughts verbally. That's where Slumberkins can help.

New to Slumberkins?


Let us help you find the creature and tools that best align with your child and their needs to build a foundation for emotional wellness.

Gifts for Every Child

Browse our top picks for emotional learning.

As Seen In

Reimagining a Healthy Childhood

Our stories, affirmations, and creatures help families and educators open the door to conversations like self-esteem, conflict resolution, and change, so children can welcome all of their feelings as they go out into the world.

A caregiver and child reading a Bigfoot Board Book

Give Your Child Lessons That Resonate

  • Help children feel seen and loved
  • Reflect and connect together
  • Teach skills for lifelong wellness
A child hugging her Honey Bear Snuggler

Bring Learning to Life With Our Kins, Snugglers, and Minis

  • Provide security and comfort
  • Support emotional regulation
  • Remind your child of the story
A child reading Alpaca's affirmation to Alpaca Snuggler

Instill Positive Self-Talk With an Affirmation Practice

  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Inspire resilience in hard times
  • Promote self-care and empathy for others

Download the App

Start an Affirmation Practice

Our interactive app is finally here! Get ready to watch your child record, replay, and celebrate their affirmation practice alongside their favorite Slumberkins creatures.