5 Ways to Uplift your Mood this Winter

It’s common for moods to dip as the middle of winter hits. Is it the lack of sunshine? Vacations are too far off? Whatever’s getting you down, we have some ideas of how to uplift the mood in your home with these five family-friendly ideas. 

1) Cozy Rituals

We are totally inspired by the Scandinavian concept of ‘hygge’. If you haven’t heard of this concept before, it refers to a quality of coziness that feels good and nurturing to the soul. What feels the coziest to you? Curling up with a cup of tea, a good blanket and reading a book? Looking out the window on a snowy day while a fire is going? Try something that nurtures you, and perhaps something the whole family would enjoy. Could you all enjoy some hot chocolate while playing a board game? What is a sweet and cozy ritual you could enjoy as a family? 

2. Get Moving

It’s tempting to stay inside when it is cold or wet- but research continues to show that getting outside in nature or finding ways to move your body is ideal for emotional well-being. If you don’t have access to nature where you are, what else could you try? There is some interesting research that shows that even looking at a picture of nature can help our brains and bodies relax. You’ve probably heard of the research that shows that moving your body in ways that feel good to you, is great for mental health as well.  Rain or snow does not have to keep us or our kids from going outside. Try finding the right gear to let you play outside regardless of the weather.

3. Get Creative  

Find ways to engage in creative outlets. We believe that creativity can mean LOTS of different things. It could mean classic art like painting or drawing or pottery, or it could mean writing, building, playing, cooking, or playing music. Taking time to engage in your own unique creative outlets is a great way to uplift your mood. If you aren’t feeling inspired, perhaps offering a creative activity to your kiddos, and joining in on the fun could take some of the pressure off. This activity is not so much about the outcome but more about the process of creation. 

4. Celebrate Something

Do you and your family long for a holiday or special day to look forward to? Sometimes the winter months can drag on-especially after the holidays are over- but what if you could make up your own special day as a family? Something silly like “Tell-a-joke Day” or perhaps a “Slumberkins Day'' where you set different themed-activities and snacks to enjoy. 

5. Try Mindfulness  

Mindfulness is about slowing down and tuning into and accepting the present moment. There is an abundance of research now that indicates mindfulness is a  great tool to support emotional wellness. If you are new to it, try starting small. Light a candle and focus your eyes on the candle and do a scan of your senses. Notice what you hear, smell, see, feel and taste. Ending your mindfulness practice by identifying one thing you feel grateful for, and be another way of adding some mood-lifting energy back into your day. Kids can practice mindfulness too. Check out Yeti’s book and resources on our website for more ideas about mindful moments practices. 

We understand that our mood is not always so easy to shift. If you or someone in your family is struggling with low mood, or depression this winter we encourage you to seek professional help. Welcoming all feelings and getting help when we need it can also be vital to our well-being. We’d love to hear from you below, some of your fun ideas for elevating mood in the winter!

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