Alliance of Moms Collaboration

We’re going in depth about the Alliance of Moms and why we support their mission of attachment and breaking the cycle of babies born to teen moms in foster care. The work they do resonates so much with what we believe is important, and we’re excited to go a little deeper into why.

Slumberkins is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Alliance of Moms to support a cause very near to our hearts: attachment. Founded by five LA moms in 2014, the Alliance of Moms is a membership based auxiliary group that supports the work of the Alliance for Children’s Rights. Their mission is to break the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care. Currently, 50% of young women in foster care report being pregnant by the age of 20. Additionally, children of foster youth are 4-5 times more likely to enter the foster care system than children born to youth not in the system. Alliance of Moms creates educational programs to empower these young moms and dads to become informed parents who can give their babies a healthier childhood than their own. 

For this very special collaboration, we have created Hartley. This exclusive Alliance of Moms Slumber Sloth and Sleepytime Rhyme completes our Beloved Collection. The interactive Sleepytime Rhyme, titled ‘Heart Family,’ focuses on diversity within families and the importance of love, not blood, binding families together. The pairing of the Slumber Sloth and Sleepytime Rhyme is perfect for normalizing diverse family structures and empowering children to take a fluid and positive view of the important relationships that shape our lives. It emphasizes that whether near or far, we carry our families in our hearts.

Both of us have experience either educating or counseling children and teens within foster care. We truly believe in the benefits of the services that Alliance of Moms provides and share the same passion for impacting youth in a positive way.  

Every purchase of the Alliance of Moms Slumber Sloth will benefit the organization and mothers. Slumberkins will be donating 25% of the profits from the collaboration in order to sponsor two Self-Care Day events this spring. Additionally, each young mother attending the Self-Care Day will receive a Slumber Sloth. Slumberkins is honored to sponsor an event that aligns with our core mission to promote positive attachments and equip parents and caregivers with a resource to facilitate healthy relationships and self-image. The Self-Care Day does this by offering educational trainings and providing young moms with information and gifts that promote not only babies health, but the mothers’ health and wellness as well. When we talk about attachment and helping our young ones thrive, sometimes it is easy to forget that to actually achieve this, we need to take care of ourselves first. If we as primary attachment figures are able to model what it looks like to be a healthy, have boundaries and limits, and practice self-care, our children are able to see and internalize this example for themselves.

Hartley will be available for purchase this Friday, January 27th at 10am, Pacific Standard Time. Hartley is ready to ship, just in time for little Valentines.

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