Gift Greater

Empowering Children with the Greatest Gift of All

Few things in life are as sweet as watching little ones light up with joy as they unwrap their presents. But what remains after the tags have been torn and the wrapping paper recycled? The toys that were once the highlight of a child’s life eventually become yesterday’s news. Previously cherished items become clutter in a box that, over time, will tell a story about the changing seasons of childhood.

Slumberkins wants to help you gift greater. 
We create gifts that little ones and the adults who raise them can treasure long after the toys have been passed down or donated. Our products teach valuable life skills that will serve children for the rest of their lives. By fostering connection and an environment of support, our routine promotes deeper bonds between children and the loving adults they look up to.
There are so many things we can buy for the kids in our lives, but the greatest gifts are the ones that foster intentional time spent empowering them to realize their highest potential. That’s why our products facilitate positive social-emotional development that will aid the little ones you love in becoming their best selves. The supportive connections between children and their caregivers are paramount to raising resilient, caring, and confident kids. 
Give the children in your life the kind of gifts they can carry lovingly for all of their days. Spend time building deeper connections through meaningful time shared. Show them how loved and supported they are through your intentional actions and words. Inspire compassion, a strong sense of self-worth, and the fortitude to withstand whatever life throws their way. Encourage them to embrace the world around them with both curiosity and wonder. Gift greater so you can empower your children to strive for their greatest.



  • Ellen

    I love this! Such a valuable lesson in life to appreciate the things you have and to only have things in your life that spark joy. I have 3 items for my baby’s first Christmas and each gift is super special so we can enjoy them together.

  • Janette (Me)

    Can Educators get the additional discount on today’s special order Bundles? i.e. the 11 pack bundle?

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