9 Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids to Celebrate the Season

Welcome the warmer weather with these spring activities for kids! Read on for more tips on how to embrace the changing season with fun activities.

Warm weather, blooming flowers, and endless opportunities for outdoor fun? It’s official: spring is here, and with it, the perfect chance to celebrate the season with your children. 

Of course, spring is also one of the busiest times of the year. As kids and caretakers alike thaw out from the frosty winter months, adjust to new schedules, and start gearing up for summer, it can be hard to make time for simple outdoor joys. 

That’s where our carefully curated list of spring activities for kids comes in. We’ve handpicked a variety of engaging, easy-to-implement ideas to help you make the most of this special season—no matter how packed your schedule might be.

Why Spring is the Best Season for Kids

Kids thrive on sensory experiences—the sights, smells, and feels that leave lasting impressions and act as emotional building blocks for future experiences. In fact, research shows that the great outdoors can support emotional wellness and skills, which means a little time in nature can do wonders for our little ones!

Our Honey Bear’s Gifts of Nature book was created not only to spark gratitude, but also to help kids find appreciation and connection to nature. So springtime, filled with longer days and warmer weather, is the perfect season to encourage outdoor play.

In fact, just being outside is proven to have several benefits:

  • Physical health – Spending time outdoors combats inactivity, improves balance and coordination, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

  • Behavioral benefits – Kids who spend time outdoors often demonstrate increased creativity, cooperative behavior, and concentration.

  • Family bonding – For children and caretakers, spending time outdoors together provides valuable chances to connect while also reducing stress.

Still, it can seem like springtime passes all too quickly. So how can parents take full advantage of the fleeting spring season? 

Outdoor Adventures

Some of the most engaging, exciting, and educational springtime activities are also wonderfully simple. If you don’t know what to do with your kids today, try to involve them in these delightful outdoor adventures:

#1 Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts

Whether searching for different types of leaves, insects, or birds, these fun activities help kids fully engage their senses and curiosity about the natural world. To keep things interesting for your little one, a simple list can transform nature walks into exciting scavenger hunts. 

#2 Flower Planting and Gardening

Planting flowers and vegetables allows children to see the plant life cycle and growth process—from seed to sprout to full bloom. It also creates teaching opportunities; a little attention, care, and love can help plants (and people!) grow and thrive.

#3 Outdoor Picnics and Park Play

Picnics are a fun activity for families to enjoy meals outdoors while children play freely in the fresh air. Bring along a kite or a frisbee for added fun, combining family bonding time with physical activity.

Creative Spring Crafts and DIY Projects

Spring inspires creativity, offering the perfect palette for imaginative crafts that children and caretakers can enjoy together. Here are a few spring craft ideas: 

#4 Spring-Themed Art and Crafts

Bring out dyes, stickers, and other materials to create visually stunning spring craft projects that let loose your child’s inner artist. This activity can also include making spring wreaths, decorating an Easter egg tree, or assembling flower crowns. Seasonal art projects are a great creative activity for kids, no matter the time of year!

#5 DIY Bird Feeders and Houses

Pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed are all you need to make natural bird feeders that teach kids about wildlife care. They can watch as feathered friends visit their creations, providing a wonderful opportunity to learn about the different species that inhabit their area.

#6 Egg Decorating 

Put a twist on the traditional Easter decorations by encouraging your kid to decorate dragon eggs in different colors, a project inspired by the mystical creatures of springtime lore. Each egg can be unique, decorated with vibrant colors, patterns, and textures that inspire creativity and imagination.

What Is the Most Popular Spring Activity: Seasonal Celebrations

From the joy of Easter egg hunts to time-honored traditions unique to each family, here are a few unique ways to celebrate the season of rebirth and rejuvenation: 

#7 Spring Equinox Activities

The spring equinox marks the season’s start and is a great time to enjoy the return of longer days and warmer weather. Some fun spring break activities include:

  • Easter egg hunts and decorations
  • Seed planting to celebrate new beginnings
  • Sit and tell stories around a campfire

Regardless of your choice of activity, the spring equinox is the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings.

#8 Spring Festivals and Events

Many communities host special events and festivals to celebrate spring. Look for local happenings such as:

  • Earth Day celebrations and eco-friendly activities
  • May Day festivities, such as making flower crowns
  • Farmers' markets featuring fresh, seasonal produce and artisanal spring crafts

Attending these events can help children learn about local culture and connect with their community.

#9 Spring-Themed Family Traditions

Creating your own family traditions is a wonderful way to make the season extra special. Consider starting new rituals with your little one like:

  • Hosting an annual spring-cleaning party—followed by a tasty treat!
  • Having a family picnic in a nearby park
  • Reading enriching storybooks together

The magic of family traditions sometimes lies in spontaneity. Try seeing what activities your kid loves, letting it develop naturally from there.

Trying Fun Spring Activities for Kids with Slumberkins

From outdoor adventures and creative projects to community events and family traditions, there are endless possibilities for kids to celebrate the joys of spring. 

Storybooks like Yak’s Garden Party and Honey Bear’s Gifts of Nature captivate kids with springtime tales of outdoor fun, interwoven with lessons on adaptability and understanding when things don't go as planned. 

By providing a variety of activities and experiences that cater to their interests and abilities, parents and caregivers can help them grow, learn, and thrive during this special time of year. 


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