Slumberkins Spotlight: Solly Baby

Elle from Solly Baby is truly an inspiring mama. We love the positive attachments and benefits of babywearing, and this company creates the perfect functional and fashion forward way to carry. Read more about Solly Baby and meet Elle Rowley.Northwest.

Here at Slumberkins, we love coming across people, small shops, and products that inspire us. As parents ourselves, we know the importance of sharing these awesome finds. So, we’re excited to introduce our new monthly blog series, the Slumberkins Spotlight! In these posts we will bring attention to – and “shine a spotlight on” – special people who share the Slumberkins mission to help parents, caregivers, and children everywhere. We will feature a new Q&A session each month that we hope will uplift, inspire, and maybe lend a sense of solidarity. Because this parenting thing isn’t easy – and sometimes it’s nice to know that we’re all in this together.

 We love baby wearing around here. As busy moms ourselves, we've spent many days wearing our little ones so we can get things accomplished, not to mention it just feels so good to have a newborn snuggled up against you all day! We are excited to feature our friend, Elle Rowley, the founder of Solly Baby to kick off our Slumberkins Spotlight series. We got to know her last summer when Solly Baby came to take part in our Slumberkins Soiree here in the Pacific Northwest.

Elle is a mama to four little ones, who, after the birth of her second child, decided to design a wrap that would allow greater closeness while babywearing, in a lightweight, comfortable design that has become a favorite of moms, dads, and even kids – with a mini version, too. How cute would a Slumberkin be in that!? Follow along to get a closer look at how baby wearing aligns with our mission to promote attachments between parents and children. 


Q: We are big on the importance of having a routine in place with our little ones (like cuddling and reading a Sleepytime Rhyme together each night before bed). What kind of routine has been helpful for you – either personally or professionally? 

A: Honestly, I’m terrible at consistency. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, let’s-jump-on-a-plane-somewhere-tomorrow kind of person, so that has been a challenge for me as a parent, especially because I know how children thrive on routine and consistency. There are two things that my husband and I have decided to be consistent with in terms of routine: one, we spend 15 minutes every night before bed cleaning as a family and, two, we read scripture and pray together as a family. I’d like to add more to that routine, but my brain can’t handle any more quite yet.

Q: What's the best piece of parenting advice you've received that you think would be helpful to other parents or caregivers reading this?

A: To trust your own intuition when it comes to parenting. You are your child’s parent for a reason.


Q: Is there anything new and exciting coming up for Solly Baby that we should be on the lookout for?

A: We have some really exciting collaborations and product releases happening this year. It’s going be an amazing year.


Q: At Slumberkins, we’re big believers in attachment and its many benefits for babies and children. Tell us a little bit about the connection between babywearing and attachment. How does the Solly wrap promote attachment between parent and child?

A: The effects of baby-wearing on a parent-child relationship are undeniable. Just wearing your baby four hours a day can decrease infant crying by 43%. The increase in Oxytocin that you receive from the skin-to-skin of baby-wearing also decreases the risk and effects of postpartum depression. I’m also amazed by the anecdotal stories, shared from mothers who were not able to breastfeed, about how much our wraps have helped to increase the level of bonding they feared they would have lost from not having that breastfeeding connection. The list goes on, but those are my top 3.

Q: How do you see that bond shift and change after the baby-wearing stage?

A: While the baby-wearing stage is brief relative to the lifespan of a child’s life, it’s incredible to see the healthy, solid, and loving foundation that baby-wearing creates for both the parent and the child.


Q: What kinds of things do you do with your children after the baby-wearing stage to continue to promote attachment and that special parent/child bond?

A: Physical touch is so important. Ritualizing experiences like reading and bedtime together – which is one thing I love about the Slumberkins products and mission – and just creating safe spaces for your family to share and learn together.


Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Elle! 



We appreciate hearing Elle's take on baby-wearing and positive attachments, which is at the core of our mission here at Slumberkins. We know we would not have survived many of our children's early days without wearing them. We're thankful for brands like Solly Baby that make it both fashionable and functional to assist us in the early days of motherhood and love that it also creates a positive bond between parents and children. We hope that new mothers and moms-to-be know that whatever brand you choose to wear your child in, the most important thing about baby-wearing is the positive attachment you're building with your child that lasts a life time (and that is what truly aligns with our mission here at Slumberkins)!


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