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Grow this Spring with Emotional Well-Being

Growing Confident, Caring, and Resilient Kids with Gratitude and Family Routines  When springtime rolls around, farmers and amateur gardeners alike emerge from their homes to till the earth, plant seeds, give them water, and watch them grow. The practice of...

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Mindful Moments

Mindfulness can seem like a big undertaking. The good news is it doesn’t have to be! Read on to learn more about what mindfulness is and why it is important for both parent and child.

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Intentional Gift Giving

We’re talking about exchanging gifts that support a variety of skills, while also sparking joy! You can do both, and we want to have an honest discussion around why giving intentional gifts can be so beneficial. Read more on giving...

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Benefits of Reading with your Child

Our tips for reading with your little ones will implement more engaging strategies, techniques and ideas to get the most out of storytime. This is precious together time for snuggles and growth! Read more to dig deeper into the benefits...

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Season's Greetings From Slumberkins!

Happy Holidays! We’re talking about intentional gifting- what does it mean to gift intentionally? We have tips and guidelines to help guide you this holiday season as you navigate being mindful about gift exchanges- in this holiday season and year-round!

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