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The Benefits of Mindfulness

Life is constantly pulling us and our thoughts in a thousand different directions. As adults, we often worry about the future or the past, usually without even realizing it. We are constantly analyzing or being swept up in the emotions...

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Honey Bear: An Introduction to Gratitude

When it comes to planting seeds of emotional well-being in our own children’s lives, we hope to see them reap the benefits of gratitude. Some of the outcomes of practicing gratitude include better relationships, increased happiness, a larger capacity for...

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Mindful Moments

Mindfulness exercises can seem like a big undertaking. The good news they don’t have to be! What is a mindful moment? Read on to learn more about what mindfulness is and why it is important for healthy parenting.

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Mindfulness in the New Year

When the dust and excitement settle from the holidays, we get the opportunity to start a fresh year. It’s a time for reflection and growth. We are big believers in the benefits of practicing mindfulness for kids and caregivers, and...

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The Intention Behind Yeti

Learn more about what mindfulness is, and why we created a creature to help make this intention as easy as it can be to implement into your life. Yeti’s story of restlessness and finally being able to observe her thoughts...

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