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Sprite: A collaboration between The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families + Slumberkins

  When we launched the Slumberkins brand three years ago, a resource for grief and loss quickly became our most requested creature. As families and caregivers reached out to us and shared their stories, we began contemplating how we could best fill this deep need in childhood learning. It’s been an awesome and emotional 18 month journey of contemplating, planning, writing, crying, discussing, partnering, designing, and pouring so much heart and intention into adding this new member to our cuddly creature family. Because we wanted this addition to further support children and caregivers in facing this tough obstacle, we decided to partner with The Dougy Center, the National Center for Grieving Children and Families, in bringing Sprite to the world....

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Slumberkins x The 5 Love Languages

I am safe, I am loved.Even if we are far apart,I’ll keep you with me.Held here in my heart. Our Heart Families reach far and wide: A teacher who encourages growth and learning, a neighbor who ventures to the park with us, our family members and friends. As each new member is introduced into our lives, our Heart Family grows bigger, filling us with joy and appreciation. This Valentine’s Day, join Hartley and the rest of the Slumberkins cuddly crew to celebrate our Heart Families in creative and fun ways. Show children how to express their love using the 5 Love Languages™ outlined below, to help them understand that love can be shown through actions, words, touch, time spent together, and gift-giving....

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Intentional Gift Giving

We’re talking about exchanging gifts that support a variety of skills, while also sparking joy! You can do both, and we want to have an honest discussion around why giving intentional gifts can be so beneficial. Read more on giving with intention.

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