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Helping Children Feel Safe & Secure

We all want our children to feel self-confident, but what can caregivers do to help children feel good about themselves? Well, it turns out, one of the biggest things caregivers can do, is provide their child with the opportunity to...

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem

Self-esteem refers to a person’s beliefs about their own value and worth. In early childhood, having positive self-esteem is critical as children begin to explore the world. They need confidence in themselves in order to explore new things.   So...

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Raising Our Future Leaders with Empathy

A new way, a new strong. Emotional Courage is about noticing and expressing your own feelings, and listening to others’ emotional expressions, even when that’s hard to do. It stands in contrast to the old “tough guy” model, emerging as a new path...

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Relaxation Activities for Children

We’re sharing our favorite healthy parenting tips and products to work through a relaxation routine with young children. Winding down is such an important part of the day for little bodies, but it can seem like the most daunting or...

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Gift Greater

Few things in life are as sweet as watching little ones light up with joy as they unwrap their presents. But what remains after the tags have been torn and the wrapping paper recycled? Gift with intention and purpose this...

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Honey Bear: An Introduction to Gratitude

When it comes to planting seeds of emotional well-being in our own children’s lives, we hope to see them reap the benefits of gratitude. Some of the outcomes of practicing gratitude include better relationships, increased happiness, a larger capacity for...

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