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Slumberkins x The 5 Love Languages

I am safe, I am loved.Even if we are far apart,I’ll keep you with me.Held here in my heart. Our Heart Families reach far and wide: A teacher who encourages growth and learning, a neighbor who ventures to the park...

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Mindful Moments

Mindfulness exercises can seem like a big undertaking. The good news they don’t have to be! What is a mindful moment? Read on to learn more about what mindfulness is and why it is important for healthy parenting.

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Intentional Gift Giving

We’re talking about exchanging gifts that support a variety of skills, while also sparking joy! You can do both, and we want to have an honest discussion around why giving intentional gifts can be so beneficial. Read more on giving...

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Why Every Child Should Have a Comfort Corner

We’re BIG believers in safe spaces to unwind and self-regulate. We wanted to make it easy for parents, caregivers, and educators to implement these corners in their homes and classrooms, and explain how each object and step contributes to the...

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Benefits of Reading with your Child

Our tips for reading with your little ones will implement more engaging strategies, techniques and ideas to get the most out of storytime. This is precious together time for snuggles and growth! Read more to dig deeper into the benefits...

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The Inspiration for Narwhal

Did you know Narwhal and the growth mindset story was created after filming for Shark Tank? Callie and Kelly took an introspective look at how to turn challenges into opportunity and growth. Narwhal was born out of a need to...

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