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Guest Writer: Claire LaPoma, Sharing on the Power of a Tool to Ease Worries

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my daughter never had to experience emotional distress and I could just take it away, poof, abracadabra? One of the hardest things by far about being a parent is seeing our children in pain and we could instantly ease it. Seeing them sad, hurt, or at the will of an overpowering feeling like anger or anxiety triggers great discomfort in most parents and causes us to spring into action and employ our favorite “fix it” response. . .

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Hartley: An Alliance of Moms & Slumberkins Collaboration

We have a very exciting announcement that has been in the works for a while – and now the time has come to say…we’re so happy to introduce you to Hartley! Hartley is a special Slumberkin, whose story was written specifically for children in blended families, in foster care, or who have been adopted.

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Slumberkins Spotlight: Solly Baby

 We love baby wearing around here. As busy moms ourselves, we've spent many days wearing our little ones so we can get things accomplished, not to mention it just feels so good to have a newborn snuggled up against you all day! We are excited to feature our friend, Elle Rowley, the founder of Solly Baby to kick off our Slumberkins Spotlight series. We got to know her last summer when Solly Baby came to take part in our Slumberkins Soiree here in the Pacific Northwest.

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