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Finding Calm in the Midst of Summer

Making decisions about our summers can bring on a myriad of questions.  Should our kids go to camp? Should they take enriching trips? Should we be outside? There is, however, one part of summer break that is important for all...

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Teaching Children Kindness

It may seem intuitive that empathy and showing kindness are prosocial-behaviors. The old saying goes, “you catch more bees with honey.” Teaching kindness and empathy helps kids learn to regulate their own emotions, encourages inclusion, connection, and belonging, it supports...

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Teaching Children to Ask for Help

Everyone, at some point, has to ask others for help and support. This can be especially challenging for adults. Whether we feel guilt, shame, or that we will be bothering others, asking for help can sometimes feel like a failure...

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Teaching Children Boundaries

It can be challenging when your child comes home and shares a situation or event that made them uncomfortable. For example, your child might have a classmate that is a hugger, but your child doesn’t like to be hugged by...

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3 Ways to Foster Imagination

In a world that puts performance, productivity, and output above all else, it can be a novel choice to prioritize play. But here’s the truth: Children learn and experience the early years of their lives with the help of their...

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