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The Inspiration for Narwhal

Did you know Narwhal and the growth mindset story was created after filming for Shark Tank? Callie and Kelly took an introspective look at how to turn challenges into opportunity and growth. Narwhal was born out of a need to...

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Slumberkins Spotlight: Sweet as April

We’re shining a spotlight on Carrie from Sweet as April! These beautiful bonnets are made by a mama on a mission- so we can totally relate! Read more about Carrie and her advice for both parents and small business owners.

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Slumberkins Spotlight: goumikids

We’re so excited to introduce you to Lili Yeo, founder of Goumi Kids. Lili’s brand is intentional, quality, and she’s on a social mission to change the world. Read more to see why it’s no wonder we’re obsessed with Goumi...

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A More Meaningful Valentine's Day

We’re taking our intentions of self-esteem and mindfulness and showing how you can spread them to those around you this Valentine’s Day! Admittedly, we’re suckers for candy hearts and chocolates, but a kind word goes an even longer way. Read...

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Slumberkins Spotlight: Solly Baby

Elle from Solly Baby is truly an inspiring mama. We love the positive attachments and benefits of babywearing, and this company creates the perfect functional and fashion forward way to carry. Read more about Solly Baby and meet Elle Rowley.Northwest.

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Mindfulness in the New Year

When the dust and excitement settle from the holidays, we get the opportunity to start a fresh year. It’s a time for reflection and growth. We are big believers in the benefits of practicing mindfulness for kids and caregivers, and...

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Season's Greetings From Slumberkins!

Happy Holidays! We’re talking about intentional gifting- what does it mean to gift intentionally? We have tips and guidelines to help guide you this holiday season as you navigate being mindful about gift exchanges- in this holiday season and year-round!

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All About Bedtime

We’re sharing our tips for relaxation before bedtime and adjusting to a new bedtime schedule. Did you know school age children need 9-11 hours of sleep a night? We can help! Read more and start finding a routine the family...

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