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The Intention Behind Yeti

Learn more about what mindfulness is, and why we created a creature to help make this intention as easy as it can be to implement into your life. Yeti’s story of restlessness and finally being able to observe her thoughts...

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The Bigfoot Story

We’ve added Conflict Resolution into the skills and intentions that we feel are so important to start talking about from a young age. In this post, we’re talking about big feelings and how to process feelings. Learn more about Hammerhead...

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Introducing Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead’s story focuses on building social skills around conflict resolution for little ones. Like all of our Slumberkins, it is the skill set behind the creature that inspires us to move forward in the design and production process. Why Conflict...

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Let's Get Personal

Have you met Callie and Kelly yet? We’re sharing 20 facts about the two moms and educators on a mission that started Slumberkins! Read more to learn about these two amazing women and what keeps them so involved with empowering...

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Promoting Attachment through Slumberkins

We’re breaking down what Attachment Theory is, why it’s important, and how we make it a simpler process to bring into your family. We’re passionate about attachment and how it translates to raising children with strong emotional skills. Read on...

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Alliance of Moms Collaboration

We’re going in depth about the Alliance of Moms and why we support their mission of attachment and breaking the cycle of babies born to teen moms in foster care. The work they do resonates so much with what we...

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New Year, New Slumberkins

We’re expanding our selection of creatures, affirmations, and intentions to help set the framework for empowerment. Did you know that children do not develop an internal voice until the age of seven? Read more to find out why we’re excited...

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Our Hope, Our Story

Slumberkins was founded with a mission to provide parents and caregivers with resources that promote positive skills for young children, while strengthening the parent-child bond. Read more to learn about how the company started, and why we’re excited for the...

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