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Raising Our Future Leaders with Empathy

A new way, a new strong. Emotional Courage is about noticing and expressing your own feelings, and listening to others’ emotional expression, even when that’s hard to do. It stands in contrast to the old “tough guy” model, emerging as a new path...

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Connected Heart-to-Heart

NEW CREATURE! Otter supports Family Bonding… and there really couldn’t be a better time for family bonding, transition, and acceptance than now in this current environment. With so much change to family routines, this sweet Otter’s story reminds children that we...

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Navigating Anxiety in Uncertain Times

In light of current news that the WHO has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, we wanted to share some tips as a therapist and educator navigating this in real time with our own families. Here are 5 important reminders for...

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Grow this Spring with Emotional Well-Being

Growing Confident, Caring, and Resilient Kids with Gratitude and Family Routines  When springtime rolls around, farmers and amateur gardeners alike emerge from their homes to till the earth, plant seeds, give them water, and watch them grow. The practice of...

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Relaxation Activities for Children

We’re sharing our favorite tips and products to work through the relaxation routine with children. Winding down is such an important part of the day for little bodies, but can seem like the most daunting or hardest thing to do....

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Gift Greater

Few things in life are as sweet as watching little ones light up with joy as they unwrap their presents. But what remains after the tags have been torn and the wrapping paper recycled? Gift with intention and purpose this...

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