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7 Tips for a Great Parent Teacher Conference

In today's busy world, parents and educators are stretched to the max, making the face to face time provided by parent-teacher conferences precious. Despite parents having more access to teachers than ever before via email (remember when our parents had...

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8 Gratitude Activities for Early Education

Gratitude is an important topic for the classroom when building out any social-emotional learning curriculum, but as we know, students don’t just learn from listening, they learn from doing. Here are eight fun activities that can help students learn about...

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Celebrating Creativity in the Classroom

When you hear the word “creativity,” what are some images and words that come to mind? Do you think of art? Paint palettes and the like? If so, you’re not alone! While creativity definitely includes the act of creating art,...

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Teaching Kindness in the Classroom

How can we teach children kindness? It’s a big question about an important, but a sometimes elusive, idea. If you’re curious about teaching students kindness, read on for some easy ways of making kindness a part of the daily classroom...

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