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  • Deck of Positive Affirmations For Kids
  • Positive Affirmation Cards For Kids
  • 4 Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids
  • Positive Affirmation Card For Kids Conflict Resolution
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  • Box of Positive Affirmation Card For Kids
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Affirmation Card Deck

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Regularly repeating affirming messages can have a lasting impact on children's feelings about themselves and the world around them. Whether it's encouraging positive self-worth, working through stressful moments, or helping your child calm down when their emotions get the best of them, all of these skills can be built by practicing each of the Slumberkins creatures' affirmations.

Customer Reviews

Affirmation cards

These are brilliant. They're longer than the ones we get with the snuggler or kin. Beautiful affirmations that appeal & connect to such a wide age group & boy & girls alike from my 5 year old boy, 9 year old boy, even my 12 year old girl love these aswell as ME (age 36 ha!)

Excellent resource

I bought this for my kids. We already have the books. We really like these cards. We say an affirmation every morning when my kiddo wakes up. Thank you, Slumberkins for an excellent resource that helps children feel loved and supported.

Kids were drawn to them!

My son is hardly ever a willing participant when it comes to reading.. he took out each card & handled it front to back, read each & every word ~ then he blew my mind… before I could even ask, let me know which one he related to most! Can’t ask for more than that!

Great intro to various characters

Quality card stock! Lovely affirmations! This was a great way to introduce our four year old to the various characters. He really enjoys the different cards and even occasionally asks for specific ones when we do daily affirmations. He is excited to think about the different characters. We have some of the kins and we decide which one to get next based partly on which affirmation card he is connecting with.


These are so beautifully made and helpful! 💖

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