Yak Board Book
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Yak Board Book
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Yak Board Book
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Yak Board Book

September is National Literacy Month and Slumberkins is honored to celebrate by making all board books $5 for the whole month or until supplies last.

Promotes: Self-acceptance

Trying new things can be scary. Yak's story teaches children that it’s ok to take risks and help them understand that it's ok to not be perfect at something the first time they try it.

The fear of making mistakes can stop us from even trying and fill us with self-doubt. How can we feel confident when we are less than perfect? Come with Yak in this interactive board book, as she learns that she is good enough just she is and reminds them that they don't need to be perfect to love themselves.

What's Included

The Board Book

About the size of an adult hand from fingertip to the bottom of your palm

Children coloring a Slumberkins coloring page

Downloadable Resources

Free resources like coloring and activity sheets, and games that you can download at any time


  • Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers piece of mind
  • Board Books measure 5"W x 7"L
“Accepting mistakes and imperfections is a huge part of how I teach and parent, and Yak has helped my son in particular to feel like it's ok to make a mistake.”

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