Conflict Resolution

Meet Hammerhead

Hammerhead reinforces the belief that we are lovable and deserve connection even when we lose our tempers. Conflict Resolution empowers 
a child to take responsibility, decreases shame around conflict, and increases coping skills to repair with others.

Hammerhead helps your child through some big feelings

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Anger management
  • Making friends

I felt mad, now I'm calm. I can use my words instead. I'm sorry I hurt you, I still want to be friends.

— Hammerhead’s Affirmation

Hammerhead smiling peacefully

Mad Matters

When you’re mad, what does your body do? What are your hands and feet doing? What does your chest and tummy feel like? Download the Hammerhead Worksheet and explore how your little one feels when things don’t go their way.

An example of a Conflict Resolution worksheet with various questions and activities
“Hammerhead helped our family get through some big feelings.”

Meghan B.

A child coloring a Hammerhead worksheet