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Emotional Courage

Meet Ibex

Ibex shows your child how to embrace big emotions

  • Identifying feelings
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Building inner strength

New Music by Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson embraces deep feelings in her beautiful new song “Feelings," inspired by Ibex. It’s the third single from Slumberkins new album “Together We Shine.” Celebrate emotional courage with us while listening to her new song. Listen now on iTunes
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I feel very deeply, it's a powerful gift. There is strength inside me to guide and uplift.

— Ibex's Affirmation

Ibex snuggler with a lillypad icon

Sensitive and strong

Learning to embrace big feelings is an important skill to build. Download Ibex’s worksheets that help children lean into their sensitivity and emotional courage.

An example of an Emotional Courage worksheet with various questions and activities
“Ibex is adorable & soft.. the book that goes with him is perfect.”


Mother and child reading ibex's story