Emotional Courage

Meet Ibex

Ibex reminds us that feeling deeply is a gift—one that underscores the bravery of our emotional strength. Emotional Courage encourages children to embrace big feelings and to see sensitivity as a gift that should be shared, not hidden away.

Ibex shows your child how to embrace big emotions

  • Identifying feelings
  • Anxiety reduction
  • New experiences

I feel very deeply, it's a powerful gift. There is strength inside me to guide and uplift.

— Ibex's Affirmation

Ibex slugger with a lillypad icon

Sensitive and strong

Learning to embrace big feelings is an important skill to build. Download Ibex’s worksheets that help children lean into their sensitivity and emotional courage.

ibex activity sheet
“Ibex is adorable & soft.. the book that goes with him is perfect.”


MOther and son reading ibex's story