Growth Mindset

Meet Narwhal

Narwhal reinforces the idea that any of us are capable of making a difference in the world. Growth Mindset inspires children to develop problem-solving skills. It also reminds children that they can always ask for help while teaching them how to recognize when they could use it.

Narwhal encourages your child to develop problem-solving skills

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Asking for help
If I see a problem, I can fix it. I can try to figure it out. If I don't know what to do, I can always ask for help.

— Narwhal's Affirmation

Narwhal Snuggler with under the sea icons

I can learn and grow

Cultivating a Growth Mindset is a challenging, but extremely important emotional skill to learn. Support your child in this journey with free worksheets and activities.

Narwhal activity sheet
“Narhwal's an excellent friend for my 8-year-old.”


Girl on a beach holding Narwhal Snuggler