Holiday Collection

The holidays can feel hectic and full of long to-do lists, but in the spirit of leaning into the magic and wonder of the season, we're introducing creatures, stories, and affirmations that support families in embracing the gift of spending time together.

Caring Crew

Holiday Collection

$ 202.00

Promotes: Gratitude & Mindfulness

Choose Snugglers or Kins.

Supports children in learning how to take care of themselves and those around them with the complete Caring Crew. Focused on creating connections and understanding feelings, this crew of creatures promotes Emotional Courage, Family Bonding, Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Relaxation.

With this Caring Crew Set, children will learn:

  • To be mindful and grateful for the world around them with Honey Bear
  • Accepting sensitivity and embracing the feelings of others is true courage with Ibex
  • That love creates family bonds that are with us in our hearts with Otter
  • To relax their bodies and minds before bedtimes with Slumber Sloth
  • To slow down and be mindful of their feelings with Yeti

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