Mindfulness Unit Plan
Mindfulness Unit Plan
Mindfulness Unit Plan

Mindfulness Unit Plan

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Lesson Supports: Mindfulness, Mind-Body Connection, and Concentration

Yeti’s lessons teach students important skills and concepts surrounding the theme of mindfulness. By learning to slow down and notice their thoughts, senses, and feelings, students will be better able to focus on the present moment. Research supports mindfulness as a key skill to help improve concentration, reduce anxiety, and increase skills for emotional regulation.

  1. Notice and identify emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

  2. Develop an emotional regulation Toolbox.

  3. Build the foundation for a regular mindfulness practice in your classroom.

*This curriculum is a digital download only.

What's Included

Lesson 1: Mindfulness with Yeti

Through reading the story, “Yeti Focuses on Her Senses” students learn to slow down, notice their senses, and relax their bodies to be fully present.

Lesson 2: Introducing the Five Senses

Students learn to identify the five senses and the different aspects of life their senses allow them to experience.

Lesson 3: Identifying Feelings

Students identify five key feelings of happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, and worry and learn to describe how these feelings may show up in their bodies.

Lesson 4: Regulation Tools

Students explore different emotional regulation tools and learn to identify tools that calm or energize their bodies.

Materials & Resources

Key terms, discussion, and reflection questions support a deeper understanding of the important message and intention of Yeti’s lesson.