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A Letter From our Founders

Slumberkins Family,

Today, we are practicing the same skills we infuse in our books and content as our world turned upside down behind the scenes here at Slumberkins. 

In a true moment of vulnerability, we wanted to share that the majority of our company’s cash was held at Silicon Valley Bank, which collapsed today. The cash held there was our capital that enabled us to operate the business, continue to launch new collections and content, and develop the tools and resources that are being loved by so many children, families, and schools. It is unclear when, or if, we will be able to access the majority of this cash moving forward.

While unsure what the future holds, we are offering a sitewide sale to help us forge through this moment. For a limited-time, please feel free to use the code:

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*cannot combine with other offers. Cannot be applied to previous purchases. 

We appreciate your support during this moment. Use the code or pay full price, all orders will help us continue to spread the Slumberkins’ mission through our books, characters, and content to families.

We have so many things in the works that we can’t wait to bring to life or share with you all, which makes this moment one of true paradox. It’s truly the best of times and the worst of times today in the world of Slumberkins. 

There are some things that are certain…

We are in this together. 

We have the best community.

We can do the hard thing, be vulnerable, and ask for help.

So spread the word, share it on social media, share this with a friend, tell your neighbor, send us positive thoughts. We know so many of you already show up and support Slumberkins when we launch new things, and we are just so incredibly grateful to have you here in our community. 

While we hang in the unknown, we are sitting with all of our feelings, fears, and each other and leaning into two of our creature affirmations:

Narwhal, supporting us in Growth Mindset:
If I see a problem, I can fix it. 
I can try and figure it out.
If I don’t know what to do,
I can always ask for help. 

Alpaca, proving us some Stress Relief:
We are strong and supported.
We are never alone.
Climbing these mountains .
Will lead us home. 

Much Love & Gratitude,

Callie + Kelly, and the entire Slumberkins team.