Start Your Adventure

Build Social Superpowers!

 This summer, we’re on a mission to help your children build up their social superpowers after years of social-distancing. 

Help your little hero discover their inner powers as they soar through missions and learn important skills around setting boundaries, building healthy relationships, and asking for help - all through the power of play! 

4+ Weeks of Activities
New Minis
Hardcover Storybook
Bonus Digital Resources

PLUS, mini meditations, yoga videos, and more!

The Full Adventure

Hero Camp

The Hero Camp Set features Otter Kin, Minis, "Hero Camp" hardcover book, Camp Activities, Camper Cape, Slumberkins Drawstring Bag, and 4+ weeks of action-packed play.

Add to Your Mission

Did somebody say super epic add-ons? Power up your child's play and unlock capes, minis and more when you purchase one of our Hero Camp sets.

Power Up Your Classroom!

When you join the Slumberkins Curriculum Hub, you can support your super students with Hero camp resources, engaging classroom activities, and so much more.