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Free Community Resources

In the wake of tragedy, you can choose how, when, or if you want to talk to your children about it.

If you find yourself or others needing support on how to address grief, loss, or anxiety with your children as you navigate these conversations in your home, we have gathered these free resources you can turn to in moments of uncertainty.

How to Help Children Cope with Frightening News

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With this feeling of overwhelm quickly becoming the norm, we’ve all at least heard what might feel like thousands of ways to care for ourselves. What we haven’t seen as much of? How to help our children during these difficult times.

How Language Can Impact Children’s Fear

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Words that invalidate our fear cause us to doubt our intuition. Intuition is our ability to immediately and instinctively know or understand something. When we listen to our intuition, it can keep us safe and help us gather valuable information about a situation. Ignoring our intuition can lead to us getting ourselves into risky situations or ignoring signs that something is wrong.

How to Support a Young Child with Grief and Loss

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Grief is a natural emotional response to a loss. Loss can be associated with a big change (like moving, or not being able to see your friends during a pandemic), or it could even be the death of a loved one.  All losses can be painful or difficult to experience.