Dear Community

Dear Community, 

We are devastated by the horrific violence that unfolded this past weekend. Our hearts are breaking for all the families, children, and individuals who have been impacted and will continue to be impacted. We condemn the heinous acts of Hamas and know they do not represent all Palestinians but are a terrorist organization showing no regard for human life. We stand with Israel and with Palestinians who want peace.

It’s truly sobering to acknowledge the horrific impact war and violence has everywhere and how many people it harms on a daily basis. At Slumberkins we believe we are all interconnected. You are all part of our “heart family.” We have community members from all around the world, with varying levels of impact from these tragic events and violence. With this interconnection, we believe that all humans feel the ripple effect of traumatic events when they occur. 

As a company that supports emotional wellness for all children, we wish we could offer safety and healing to each and every person in the world. Sadly, we cannot offer safety to all, but we continue to try to offer what we can. As therapists and educators we hope to offer a few pieces of advice around caring for yourself and loved ones at this time. We know that even those of you who are safe right now may be struggling, like we are, to cope with the news of these events. Perhaps these steps could help you process the feelings coming up for you.  

  • Take a Pause: If you can, try taking some deep breaths. Take a walk. Find a way to give your body something that it needs. This helps us be more responsive to our own needs and nourish our system. 
  • Welcome your Feelings: Sometimes setting aside some intentional time to welcome your feelings and experiences that help. Whether it be talking to someone, crying, journaling or just sitting, our feelings need space to be expressed, released and processed. You can do this on your own time. There is no schedule for grief or healing. 
  • Reach out for Support: Doctors, therapists, counselors, and even resources at your child’s school may be able to offer support and advice during this time. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help or support for you or your child if they are in need. 

If you need support with talking to your children about difficult topics, here are a few resources we think could be helpful:

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