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Hello Educators!

Slumberkins supports educators in teaching students how to be caring, confident, and resilient children, through approachable tools that promote early emotional growth.

The Sunday Self-Care Email Series


Ready to start your summer off right? Sign up for our Sunday Self-Care email series where we're highlighting the 5 domains of self-care to help you avoid burn out. Together we'll build a sustainable self-care practice to start this summer and continue through the school year.


Teach through modeling, practice, and connection

Fostering foundational social-emotional skills for all students with playful and therapeutically-infused learning. 

  • Developed by a therapist and an educator with experience in the field.
  • Comprehensive, multiple lesson sets that offer both detail and depth at your fingertips.
  • Created with a trauma-informed lens and evidence-based best practices.
  • Encourages honoring, trusting and welcoming emotions to build long-lasting emotional regulation skills as opposed to focusing on behavior-based interventions.

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We love teachers! Being educators and therapists, we know how powerful resources can be in classroom and therapeutic settings to help support social-emotional development. 

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