7 Reasons You Need to Try Slumberkins

Slumberkins is dedicated to helping families raise caring, confident, and resilient children through affirmations, stories, and creature characters. Save 15% off your first purchase with code 7REASONS.

They help kids feel good about themselves!

Reason One

With positive affirmations and feel-good lessons, our books teach children how to speak kindly to themselves and view the world in a positive lens, even when experiencing challenging emotions.

Child standing in front of mirror in brightly colored clothing, holding Unicorn Kin, looking at the Unicorn affirmation

They promote a strong connection between children and their caregivers.

Reason Two

Our books are meant to be shared experiences between caregivers and kids (and honestly, we can all learn something from the stories!). These make for unique and special bonding opportunities between the reader and the listener.

Caregivers reading Honey Bear's board book to two children while one holds Honey Bear Kin

They are SO easy to use.

Reason Three

You don't have to be a social-emotional learning (SEL) expert to raise emotionally intelligent children. Our resources are highly approachable and only take a few minutes out of your day, making them busy-parent AND therapist-approved!

A caregiver reads Narwhal's Board Book to a child while Narwhal Kin joins, too!

They are fun for kids to engage with.

Reason Four

Kids love not just engaging and interactive stories, but having a cuddly creature to match! Our creatures help remind children of each lesson, and repeating the affirmations is fun for littles to follow along.

A child smiling big while he hugs his Bigfoot Kin!

There are so many topics to choose from.

Reason Five

Whether you have a specific need for your child or you just want to start introducing emotional skills and knowledge, there's a creature for everyone! From Hammerhead (practicing conflict resolution) to Bigfoot (encouraging self-esteem), each of our 15 Slumberkins has its own unique story and concept, making them fun and engaging for whatever your needs are.

Several Kins laid out next to each other.

There's something for everyone here.

Reason Six

Slumberkins is so much more than just cuddly creatures. From a library of books, to curriculum and free resources, we have so many unique tools to begin your emotional-learning journey. There's a reason our community is over a million strong! And did you know, you can watch Slumberkins, Apple Original Series from the Jim Henson Company, on Apple TV+?

Two children holding a Bigfoot and Honey Bear Snuggler while watching Slumberkins on AppleTV+

They are made with intention.

Reason Seven

Slumberkins was created by two moms - a special education teacher and family therapist - who wanted to make social-emotional resources more available and approachable for families and educators today. Each creature and lesson is infused with evidence-based practices, making our books intentional, educational, but most importantly, fun and easily-digestible.

Co-CEO's of Slumberkins Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen smiling