Play in Their World

With new books, new creatures, and all new ways to connect, our Garden Party Collection is giving families therapeutic ways to learn and grow through imaginative play.

Hello, Sunshine

Freshen up your child's play with gifts for
emotional learning.

Explore Together

"Let's Go! With Sloth"

Our first interactive book is here to help children activate their imagination and connect with their families during storytime.

This story promotes:
▪️ Interactive Play
▪️ Imagination
▪️ Building Connections

Play time was fun.
Adventures are too.
But my favorite part
was being with you!

Spring Into Self-Acceptance

Yak's Garden Party

This book offers a lesson in being flexible as Yak struggles to cope with her party not going as planned.

This story promotes:
▪️ Self-Acceptance
▪️ Flexible Thinking
▪️ Coping with Change

I can change my plan.
I can follow and lead.
I can check in with my friends
and see what they need.

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