Maui Fundraiser

Hey SlumberFam, 

We continue to be devastated each passing day since the wildfires broke out on Maui. Our hearts are heavy for families that are forever changed and the collective trauma that the Hawaiian community has experienced. As a therapist and educator, we know the healing work has only just begun as the crisis is still unfolding and so many remain missing. 

One thing we do know about Hawaii, is that the community there is like no other. They live and breathe the Spirit of Aloha and hold the resilience to come together and support one another and their local community of Lahaina and Maui. This has been evident as we’ve followed the news and talked to contacts and friends on the ground there to organize some early shipments of Slumberkins to get into the hands of families that have lost everything. 

Hawaii holds such a special place in my heart. I am so grateful for the years I spent living in Hawaii while I attended school and played basketball at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I experienced the most loving and supportive community of Ohana, who became my Heart Family. They took me in as one of their own and I feel so blessed to have had the experience of living in such a magical place among such beautiful people.

At Slumberkins, we believe that coming together as a community to support one another is important. This is why we are showing up to support Maui in a few different ways. 

Over 200 Slumberkins have already been given out in the community directly to families that lost everything. More Slumberkins are being coordinated to be sent through the schools to get into the hands of educators who are holding so much of their own grief, while trying to support their students. We hope these resources offer some support and comfort during this time.

We are also going to be donating 15% of this week’s proceeds (Aug 28 - Sept 4) to the Nā Keiki O Emalia Organization that supports grieving families by offering counseling services, peer-to-peer support, programs and events for families experiencing the death of a loved one. We love their mission and want to empower them to reach as many families as possible.

Please join us in caring for Maui.

With love & gratitude,