Meet The Crews

Created by an educator and a therapist, each creature collection teaches little ones valuable life skills that support their emotional growth — helping you raise caring, confident, and resilient children.

Creatures from the Caring Crew support children in learning how to take care of themselves and others.

Learn more about Raising Caring Children.

Honey Bear

The Gratitude Collection supports the practice of gratitude by helping us slow down and notice the important things in life, helping our hearts feel full.


The Emotional Courage Collection is about noticing and embracing deep feelings and seeing them as a gift to help create strong leaders. Ibex shows children that 'toughness' comes in even the softest forms.


The Family Bonding Collection reminds little ones that we are always connected, whether near or far. The love in our hearts connects us to those in our lives to create our heart family.


The Routines Collection supports transitions and anxiety management by helping children practice routines to calm their bodies and minds.


The Mindfulness Collection teaches children about slowing down and paying attention, with all our senses, to what is happening in the moment. Practicing mindfulness enhances concentration, reduces stress and improves mood.

Creatures in the Confidence Crew reinforce children’s belief in themselves and their ability to face challenges.

Learn more about Raising Confident Children.


The Self-Esteem Collection supports confidence building with messages of self-love, positive attachments and self confidence, helping children take on new challenges and believe in themselves.


The Conflict Resolution Collection helps support emotional
regulation from an early age, encouraging use of calming techniques, social skills and responsibility.


While it’s easy for all of us to feel down when things don’t go our way, the Growth Mindset Collection reminds us that setbacks and asking for help are part of the process and help to build community and connection.


The Authenticity Collection teaches little ones that they are important and special just the way they are with messages of bravery, self-love and friendship. Being authentic means being true to who you are and letting your light shine.


The Self-Acceptance Collection teaches little ones perseverance and coping skills for perfectionism. Yak's story reminds children that they are enough, just as they are, and they don't need to be perfect to love themselves.

Creatures from the Reslience Crew remind us all that we can get through hard times, and we don’t have to do it alone.

Learn more about Raising Resilient Children.


The Stress Relief Collection supports children and parents
to calm their worries, ease stress, and build resilience. Help your little ones develop new skills and routines to utilize for years to come.


The Family Change Collection supports resilience through life’s obstacles through normalizing big feelings, supporting connection with loved ones, and encouraging coping skills.


The Self-Expression Collection teaches children to be bold, listen to their inner voice, and speak up for themselves. Lynx’s story reminds little ones that using their voice to speak their truth is a gift to the world. 


Coping with grief and loss can be overwhelming and children need us to talk to them about these big topics. The Grief & Loss Collection offers a place to start and supports love, connection and resilience even in the toughest times.


Dragon encourages us to explore our creativity in all of its endless forms. Creativity lets children express themselves and helps bring a sense of purpose into their lives.

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Free Resources

Access free resources, videos and activities that assist caregivers in furthering children’s early emotional learning and understanding of big feelings.

Free Resources

Access free resources, videos and activities that assist caregivers in furthering children’s early emotional learning and understanding of big feelings.