Sleepytime Rhymes

Slumberkins® are designed by a licensed therapist and an educator with both parent and child in mind. When paired with the Sleepytime Rhyme® board book, Slumberkins help create a loving routine to deepen your bond with your little one while promoting positive life skills.

Slumberkins Bundles

– The Slumberkin®

Cuddly, cute, and comforting, they are a source of security for little ones; a physical reminder of the love and connection you have with your child.

– The Sleepytime Rhyme®

This interactive Sleepytime Rhyme®  story uses research-based techniques to promote positive life skills and to deepen the parent-child bond.

– The Affirmation Card –

A beautiful and portable reminder of the loving routine included in the Sleepytime Rhyme®

 - Preview Sleepytime Rhymes® (PDF) -

Sloth Sleepytime Rhyme

Yeti Sleepytime Rhyme

Bigfoot Sleepytime Rhyme

Hammerhead Sleepytime Rhyme

Fox Sleepytime Rhyme


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