What's the Word Wednesday

What's the Word Wednesday

Today is the last & BIGGEST What's the Word Wednesday!

Camp Slumberkins is here, and we’re teaming up with one of our favorite camp characters for a weekly word game. Join Lynx in exploring the power of play and working together and discover a mystery offer each week! 


  1. Grab your little camper and follow this link to play our Camp Slumberkins themed word game. 
  2. Guess the word by filling each row of the grid completely. If the letter is correct the square will turn green. If the letter is correct, but in the wrong place, the square will turn yellow. If the letter is incorrect, the square will remain gray. Campers must guess the word in 6 tries or less. 
  3. If you and your camper complete the game correctly, use the correct answer as your mystery code at checkout. For example, if the correct answer is LYNX, use code LYNX at checkout. Once you have added an item to your cart and the code at checkout the offer will be revealed (example: 10% Off your order). 
  4. We’ll be playing every Wednesday this month, so be sure to check back each week! 

Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases. Limit one per order & one per customer. Offer valid for the first 150 customers. 

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