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Conflict Resolution Unit Plan

Conflict Resolution Unit Plan

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Lesson Supports: Emotional Regulation, Social Skills, and Responsibility

Hammerhead’s lessons are a vital part of any social-emotional curriculum, addressing the most urgent of classroom needs: conflict resolution. Slumberkins’s curriculum for conflict resolution draws from the most recent brain science of emotional regulation. People cannot engage in problem solving until they regulate their own nervous system first. Students can build on their initial skills to move towards resolving conflict after first attending to their own body and using emotional regulation tools.

  • Welcome all feelings, including anger, to reduce reactivity and shame around the experience of emotions.
  • Learn to identify feelings in their bodies, and learn ways to soothe their nervous systems as the beginning steps to emotional regulation.
  • Learn skills to repair conflict with peers and community members when needed.

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What's included?

Lesson 1: Conflict Resolution with Hammerhead

Students learn how to take care of their big feelings by calming down and repairing relationships with peers after conflict.

Lesson 2: Mad and Calm. How Does it Feel?

Students learn how to calm down their minds and body when their emotions get too big.

Lesson 3: Mad is Not Bad — Let’s Find a Tool to Cool!

Students will be introduced to “Tools to Cool” to help support their mad feelings.

Lesson 4: The 4 R’s (Relax, Repeat, Rejoin, and Repair)

Students learn that the 4 R’s (Relax, Repeat, Rejoin, and Repair) are a great routine to support their mad feelings and repair conflict to then move forward.

Materials & resources

Key terms, discussion, and reflection questions to help support a deeper understanding of the important message and intention of Hammerhead's lesson.

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