Gratitude Unit Plan
Gratitude Unit Plan
Gratitude Unit Plan

Gratitude Unit Plan

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Lesson Supports: Gratitude, Connection, and Mindfulness

Honey Bear's lessons support students in learning to identify and enjoy feelings of gratitude. Building a consistent gratitude practice is one of the cornerstones of emotional wellness and can help reduce stress and boost children's overall level of happiness. These lessons offer encouragement and opportunities for students to focus on what they already have, helping them feel more fulfilled in the present moment.

Students will learn:

  1. To identify the gifts in their lives they're grateful for.

  2. How to show gratitude for others.

  3. Ways of showing gratitude to the earth.

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What's Included

Lesson 1: Honey Bear, I'm Grateful for You

Students are introduced to the concept of gratitude and will learn how to identify all they are grateful for.

Lesson 2: Noticing Gratitude

Students learn to notice feelings of gratitude as well as describe specifics about what they feel grateful for.

Lesson 3: Showing Gratitude

Students learn how to show gratitude to the things they care about and how to express gratitude to others.

Lesson 4: A Celebration of Gratitude

Students learn to appreciate the gifts all around them and identify how they can celebrate gratitude with their community.

Materials & Resources

Key terms, discussion, and reflection questions support a deeper understanding of the important message and intention of Honey Bear's lesson.

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