Growth Mindset Unit Plan
Growth Mindset Unit Plan
Growth Mindset Unit Plan

Growth Mindset Unit Plan

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Lesson Supports: Growth Mindset, Problem Solving, and Teamwork

Narwhal’s lessons surrounding the theme of Growth Mindset teach students how to embrace challenges as opportunities to grow. By learning and practicing concepts such as grit, determination, and teamwork, students develop key skills that will help them learn and grow in an academic and social environment. When students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and ask for help, they can more confidently navigate challenges that come their way.

  1. Identify differences between Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

  2. Develop flexible thinking.

  3. Learn to ask for help and try a new approach when facing challenges.

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What's Included

Lesson 1: Growth Mindset with Narwhal

Students are introduced to the concept of Growth Mindset and will be able to identify the problem and solution in the story “Narwhal Uses Teamwork.”

Lesson 2: Changing Our Mindset

Students learn to identify examples of a Fixed versus Growth Mindset and will be able to use specific language to describe ways of changing their mindset.

Lesson 3: Setting Goals

Students are able to identify a goal they would like to achieve and learn to celebrate the journey toward reaching their goals.

Lesson 4: Try a New Way and Problem-Solve

Students learn strategies for navigating challenges when they feel stuck and can identify when to ask for help.

Materials & Resources

Key terms, discussion, and reflection questions support a deeper understanding of the important message and intention of Narwhal’s lesson.

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