Routines Unit Plan

Routines Unit Plan

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Lesson Supports: Routines, Transitions, and Community

Sloth’s lessons reinforce the importance of learning and practicing routines as well as taking care of oneself. Students who understand classroom routines, procedures, and agreements feel more secure and confident taking on responsibilities and taking appropriate learning risks. Teachers play a large part in setting up the classroom environment and following through on procedures that help children feel successful in the classroom. These lessons offer instruction for teachers to support classroom setup, and provide guided lessons for students to learn and practice classroom routines. There is always room for trying and planning, re-evaluating and adjusting a plan when needed.

  • Learn and practice morning meeting routine at school
  • Learn and understand classroom visuals
  • Learn and understand Comfort Corner strategies

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What's Included?

Lesson 1: Routines with Sloth

Students will learn to feel secure and confident to take on school responsibilities—just like Sloth and his new classroom team.

Lesson 2: Introducing Routines and Procedures

Students will learn classroom routines that will benefit them throughout the year as they transition from home to school.

Lesson 3: My School Passport

Students will become familiar with important places and faces as they explore a variety of different locations around the school.

Lesson 4: Introducing the Comfort Corner

Students will learn to use the Comfort Corner tools and supports to manage big feelings.

Materials & Resources

Key terms, discussion, and reflection questions to help support a deeper understanding of the important message and intention of Sloth's lesson.

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